Tasty Topics

Tasty Topics is a community event where we discuss current events and topics that are important to entrepreneurs. This event meets every other Tuesday at 12:00 to 12:45 PM

Grab your lunch or snack and join us online for 45 minutes of action-packed conversation! We will spend our time with topics surrounding entrepreneurship related current events and everyone who wishes can voice their opinion. Join us to find out what your peers are thinking, brainstorm on current trends, get to know each other and enjoy a delicious virtual lunch!

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Note: Topics are now curated live by attendees during the event. We no longer record the conversational topics, they are available only to attendees of the event.

Past Discussion Topics

August 25th

  • Apple vs Epic Games. Epic games, the producer of popular game Fortnite, is clashing with apple about the way payments on their app are transacted. How does big tech control the marketplaces and channels that it facilitates? What does this mean for sites accepting payments through their systems? PS Google also kicked them off
  • SPICY Uber and Lyft’s operations in California are saved by last minute ruling. The two companies have been in a legal battle over a California law aimed at gig-workers. The ridesharing giants are trying to call their bluff, and had threatened to pull out of the state, as making the changes would require an overhaul to their business model. What do you think about gig workers getting employment benefits? Is California attacking the gig economy? Are Uber and Lyft pushing a hard bargain?
  • New iPhone, Pixel and Blackberry(yes you heard it right). In an age where everyone has a smartphone, what does it mean to buy a brand new device? How do hardware companies compete when launching the next greatest gadget?

Tuesday August 11th

  • TikTok in talks with Microsoft for acquisition. What does location mean for companies and how do you feel about this major action?
  • SpaceX takes humans into orbit paving way for ISS certification. Does this signal success for the privatization of the US space travel industry? What does it mean for space?
  • SPICY Big tech goes to court. What do their answers mean for founders innovating in their space?
  • Epic requires employees to return to work, siting in person brainstorming sessions amongst reasoning. How has remove work affected your organization? (Epic has recently made changes to this notice)

Tuesday July 28th

  • Twitter hack. What can we learn from this successful hack on high profile accounts?
  • OpenAI’s GPT-3 has been getting a lot of hype. What does AI like this mean for society?
  • Darryl McDaniels (Run DMC) leads a funding round for a mental health tech startup. How should investors handle celebrity?
  • SPICY: As conspiracy theories flourish around the upcoming US election, what responsibility do platforms have?

For more Tasty Topics information or for questions please contact: Benny Pekala (benny@virtualunited.events).