SnowShoe Raises $1M in Funding

snowshoe-logoMadison and San Francisco based startup SnowShoe recently announced a $1M funding round. They had previously raised $2.5M in earlier rounds.

Founded by three UW graduate students in 2011, SnowShoe sells an intelligent piece of plastic that interacts with touch screens. Among its many uses, the plastic stamp allows users to instantly download music, authenticate purchases, and even transport real life toys into online video games. The newest round of fundraising will allow the company to scale up production of its stamps to reduce the selling price from $2.50 a stamp to fewer than 50 cents each.

SnowShoe, who recently completed the TechStars Disney Accelerator, also announced a new platform that will allow developers to more easily integrate their web pages with the stamps. Read more about SnowShoe and their latest developments on TechCrunch and Xconomy.

SnowShoe Joins TechStars

snowshoeSnowShoe (makers of the SnowShoe Stamp) was selected for the TechStars summer program in Boulder, CO. SnowShoe is the fifth Madison startup to take part in TechStars, and they are the first to join the program’s Boulder location. The program starts today and runs through August 9th.

“We are extremely excited to be taking part in TechStars this summer.” – SnowShoe CEO Claus Moberg

TechStars provides participating companies with a small amount of funding, direct mentorship from successful entrepreneurs, and access to a world-wide network of alumni and supporters. The incubator was started in Boulder in 2006, and also runs programs in New York City, Boston, San Antonio, Chicago, and London. Read more here.

SnowShoe Launches Stamp Rocket

snowshoeSnowShoe just launched the latest addition to their line of mobile device interfacing stamps.

The Stamp Rocket brings simple task automation to your iPhone or iPad. Stamp Rocket allows you to quickly and easily automate every-day tasks like emails, text messages, and alarm clocks. The system is built around Stamp Rockets: small plastic stamps that interact with a smartphone’s touch screen. Using the Stamp Rocket iOS app, users can associate a specific stamp with a certain tedious task that they want to automate. Thereafter, the user can simply open the app, touch the Stamp Rocket to their phone screen, and the app will execute the specific task or series of tasks in question.

Stamp Rockets can be configured to launch a wide range of actions, from sending an SMS to queuing up a specific iTunes playlist, opening another app, checking a location, sending an e-mail, loading a map, or making a call. Other available actions include posting to Twitter or Facebook, Foursquare Check-ins, and opening specific urls in Safari.

App Developers Featured in The Isthmus

isthmus-appcoverIf you grab an Isthmus this week you’ll notice a number of Capital Entrepreneurs companies featured in the cover story on Apple app development in Madison. The article profiled 8 local developers, including PerBlue, SnowShoe, Asthmapolis, Pinpoint Software, Door 6, Fishidy, TheoryThree Interactive, and MobileIgniter.

The article focused on what it’s like to be an app developer, as well as the ecosystem that exists in Madison including supporting groups such as Capital Entrepreneurs, Build Madison, and the Forward Technology Festival.

We’re smart enough to see the possibilities here in Madison, and accordingly the tech startup scene around iPhone apps is smoldering… Mobile startups are making a dent in the universe from right here, and it’s changing the way that computer professionals who live in Madison are relating to the global technology community.

Be sure to checkout the full article here.

SnowShoe a Top 10 Under-the-Radar Tech Startup to Watch

snowshoeMashable has named SnowShoe one of the Top 10 Under-the-Radar Tech Startups to Watch. The list was put together by the Young Entrepreneur Council (YEC), and includes startups “solving real problems and changing the way we interact with our daily technology, from hardware that authenticates smartphone transactions to digital billboards to Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.” SnowShoe is a growing firm that develops innovative technology solutions for mobile platforms including the SnowShoe Stamp — a piece of hardware used to authenticate smartphone transactions. Check out the full article on Mashable here.

SnowShoe and host Global Foursquare Hackathon

Foursquare is inviting developers all around the world to join by banding together in their hometowns and hacking up some awesome connected apps of their own on Saturday, January 5th. Madison startups SnowShoe and are hosting the Madison location of the Global Foursquare Hackathon.

There are prizes, swag, and glory for the best Foursquare and SnowShoe hacks. SnowShoe also just announced their newest API. Come join at Madison’s Historic Train Depot (640 West Washington Ave, suite 201) for a day of high-stakes hackery, food, drink and merriment. For more info and to RSVP, go here.

SnowShoe Hosts Hurricane Hackathon

Initially slated to host the Madison location of the now postponed Foursquare global hackathon, SnowShoe has decided to go ahead with their own version of the event. Due to Hurricane Sandy’s devastation of the East Coast (Foursquare is headquartered in NYC), Foursquare has officially decided to cancel their hackathon scheduled for this weekend (November 3). Instead, SnowShoe will now be hosting their own version of the hackathon, with a new focus of building projects that use the Foursquare API and/or the SnowShoe Stamp to help Hurricane/Disaster victims. If you are interested in participating in their disaster recovery hackathon on Saturday, please RSVP now.

SnowShoe Team Wins TechCrunch Disrupt Hackathon

SnowShoe CEO Claus Moberg was featured on TechCrunch while attending TechCrunch Disrupt in San Francisco this week. Claus was joined by Matt Lea, and led the Livebolt team which took the top spot out of 147 teams. They utilized their SnowShoeStamp technology to make a cloud-based identity management system that consists of an aluminium block that slides on the back of a physical lock, and an iPhone app. This hardware solution allows you to control door access via a “physical oauth”. Check out the TechCrunch article and videos here.