Student Spill Selected for TechStars Boston

Heidi Allstop of Spill will be moving to Boston this summer after being selected for TechStars.  Techstars is one of the top two seed accelerators in the United States and just closed it’s newest class.  Heidi will be joining 10 other startups that made the cut.  Techstars startups have an incredibly high track record of success compared to startups that don’t go through an accelerator, so it’s a huge honor for Heidi to be picked.  From the link:

Spill [creates] an anonymous, peer-to-peer support system for college students. Ten schools are already using it. The founders suggest that students will more readily talk about difficult issues — whether drug use or loneliness — if they don’t have to go to a counseling center in person. Team is from Madison, Wisconsin, and plans to sell the service to universities as a way to better understand the mental health and environmental stresses students are dealing with.

While we’re sad to sere Heidi leaving Madison for Boston, we’re all excited for her to represent Madison in Techstars!  Congrats and good luck in Boston!

Student Spill Featured on Discovering Startups

Capital Entrepreneurs member company Student Spill was featured on Discovering Startups.  From the link:

Why could Student Spill LLC be BIG?

The need for mental health support services is apparent, and SPILL provides a tool that is greatly accepted and appreciated by both students and university personnel.

In addition, most schools have large sums of money reserved for “preventative programming” or “direct student services” used to purchase things like alcohol awareness programs or sexual assault intervention programs for anywhere from $50,000-80,000 annually. Unlike these, however, SPILL is not restricted to one specific issue, and gives students an outlet for all types of stressors. UW-Madison granted SPILL with $70,000 for 2010 after seeing the impact the program made within one year, and the company has been approached by over 25 interested schools over the last year. The program originated at UW-Madison and has since begun operations at 4 other colleges in the US. An additional 7 other campuses–schools such as Berkeley and Purdue–will be set up over the summer of 2010.