2018 Build Madison

Build Madison is back for its ninth event happening on Saturday, November 17th through Sunday, November 18th. This years event will be held at the new Sector67 permanent home at 56 Corry St. Build Madison is a 24-hour hackathon for makers, creatives, and tinkerers.

“Build Madison is a way for people from all backgrounds to dedicate 24 hours and build their wildest dreams. We’ve seen everything from bacon soap, a penny-farthing bicycle, to new software products created by participants over the past eight years,” says Sector67 Director Chris Meyer.

The event runs for 24-hours straight with participants starting at 11:00 AM on Saturday where they pitch their project ideas in 1-minute, then teams are formed, and they go to work until 11:00 AM on Sunday when everyone presents how far they got on their projects.

Event details and registration: http://buildmadison.com/

Build Madison Returns November 19-20, 2016

buildmadisonlogo_150Build Madison is back! Come join us for at the 7th annual hackathon event coordinated by Capital Entrepreneurs and Sector67. The event, which will be hosted at Sector67, gives entrepreneurs an awesome opportunity to get going on that project you have been putting off for too long.

The 24 hour community create-a-thon will start Saturday, November 19, at 11:00 am and will go through the night and into the early ours of Sunday morning. Come ready with a short pitch (<1 minute) if you have an idea you want to start working on. If you do not have a specific project in mind, then you can come collaborate with others and spend the next 24 hours helping to make an idea come to reality. At the end of the event, we will come together for short project presentations as well as feedback sessions. This event is FREE and is open to anyone who wants to tap into their entrepreneurial ambitions. We encourage participation from students, software developers, artists, hackers, business minded people, engineers, and anyone else who wants to get involved!

Please register at the Build Madison Website if you want to attend, and we hope to see you there!

Build Madison Returns November 21-22

buildmadisonlogo_150Build Madison is back! Come join us for at the 6th annual hackathon event coordinated by Capital Entrepreneurs and Sector67. The event, which will be hosted at Sector67, gives entrepreneurs an awesome opportunity to get going on that project you have been putting off for too long.

The 24 hour community create-a-thon will start Saturday, November 21st, at 11:00 am and will go through the night and into the early ours of Sunday morning. Come ready with a short pitch (<1 minute) if you have an idea you want to start working on. If you do not have a specific project in mind, then you can come collaborate with others and spend the next 24 hours helping to make an idea come to reality. At the end of the event, we will come together for short project presentations as well as feedback sessions. This event is FREE and is open to anyone who wants to tap into their entrepreneurial ambitions. We encourage participation from students, software developers, artists, hackers, business minded people, engineers, and anyone else who wants to get involved!

Please register at the Build Madison Website if you want to attend, and we hope to see you there!

Sector 67 is located at 2100 Winnebago St. Madison, WI 53704

Build Madison returns November 8-9, 2014

buildmadisonlogoWe’re excited to announce the 5th annual Build Madison event coordinated by Capital Entrepreneurs and hosted at Sector67. Build Madison is a 24 hour hackathon that gives you the opportunity to set aside some time over the weekend to finally get to that project you’ve been thinking about for a long time!

The weekend starts out on Saturday, November 8th, at noon, when we’ll host short (<1 minute) pitches from anyone who has a project they're contemplating working on. This will allow people who don't have their own project to work on to collaborate with others; and also to get a general idea of the kinds of projects to expect for the next 24 hours. After that, you can spend the next 24 hours working with others or on your own project, and when noon on Sunday swings around we'll have short project presentations and/or sharing of lessons learned (aka: why my project didn't quite get done in time!). That's as simple as it is - take the 24 hour period as seriously or as inquisitively as you'd like. In the past, projects have varied from very sophisticated to very basic, software to hardware, art to engineering - so don't feel like your concept isn't going to fit in - it will. This is a FREE event. Please register at the Build Madison website to attend.

build-madison-2013-pitchesWho: Anyone interested
What: 24 hackathon
Where: Sector67 – 2100 Winnebago St, Madison, WI – short ride on your bicycle, hop on the bus, or take advantage of parking in front of the building for your car
When: November 8th at noon through the 9th, with project presentations starting at 11AM on the 9th
Why: A great excuse to focus on a project for a weekend and meet with other interesting folks too

Check out the prior project summaries here.

Build Madison Recap

buildmadisonlogobuild-madison-2013-pitchesSector67 hosted the 4th annual Build Madison on November 23-24th, 2013. This event is an excuse to spend 24 hours straight working on a project of any type, and we saw a ton of interesting ideas this year.

Things kick off with quick (<1 minute) pitches on projects and ideas that people might be interested in working on. We heard from a variety of project ideas, everything from making soap, to flying quadcopters, to instrumenting baseball bats, and getting started on Raspberry Pi projects and Arduino ideas. Overall it was a great event, with a ton of people sticking around overnight to push hard on their projects and make some significant progress. Thanks everyone for coming, we look forward to next year! Check out more pictures and project details here.

Build Madison Returns November 23rd!

buildmadisonlogoThe 2013 Build Madison will be held Saturday, November 23 at Sector67. This will be the 4th iteration of the Build Madison “Community Create-a-thon” event since it started in 2011.

Come together to show off and build the talent of Madison’s community while taking real products from concept to completion in just 24 hours. Meet great people, learn new skills, and have a great time. Check out the Live Blog from the 2012 event here.

The event format will be similar to the previous events: idea pitches start at 2 PM Saturday, followed by team formation and open build time throughout the day and night. Then project presentations start Sunday at noon (public welcome for the presentations).

If you have an idea you’ve been wanting to make into reality- pitch it! A number of teams in the past have gone on to successful launch; take advantage of the experienced and talented crowd to get the team and support you need. Projects are expected to span from arts and crafts to software, hardware, electronics, and more.

For more information, past Build Madison recaps, and to register (it’s free!) go here.


App Developers Featured in The Isthmus

isthmus-appcoverIf you grab an Isthmus this week you’ll notice a number of Capital Entrepreneurs companies featured in the cover story on Apple app development in Madison. The article profiled 8 local developers, including PerBlue, SnowShoe, Asthmapolis, Pinpoint Software, Door 6, Fishidy, TheoryThree Interactive, and MobileIgniter.

The article focused on what it’s like to be an app developer, as well as the ecosystem that exists in Madison including supporting groups such as Capital Entrepreneurs, Build Madison, and the Forward Technology Festival.

We’re smart enough to see the possibilities here in Madison, and accordingly the tech startup scene around iPhone apps is smoldering… Mobile startups are making a dent in the universe from right here, and it’s changing the way that computer professionals who live in Madison are relating to the global technology community.

Be sure to checkout the full article here.

Build Madison Recap

On September 22nd,  Capital Entrepreneurs held the third and most successful Build Madison event to date. Over 70 participants descended on Sector67 to see what they could create in just 24 hours.  Build Madison is about bringing the local community together and leveraging individual skills to create something new. It is amazing to see people from such varied backgrounds come together to create products, solve problems, and just have fun. Projects spanned several areas such as hardware, software, and design. On Sunday morning,  teams presented their projects and judges awarded various prizes provided by our genourous sponsors. This year we awarded over $800 in cash prizes to some of the best projects.

We would like to thank our sponsors whose generosity allows us to provide food, prizes, and hold Build Madison as a free event. We couldn’t have done it without them:

Here are your winners of the Fall 2012 Build Madison:

  • Best in Show – Classr
  • Most Innovative – Audio/Video Sync
  • Most Functional/Polished – Classr
  • Biggest Potential Impact – PIGLET
  • Most Beneficial to Madison Community – CityCiter
  • People’s Choice – PIGLET
  • Sony Creative – Workout Timer, Passive Grille Shutters
  • American Family Insurance – Hacker Care
  • SupraNet – CityCiter, ScroogeBuster
Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make Build Madison such a wonderful event. Check out the live blog from the event here, and download the project list here. We hope to see you all next year!



  • Prizes: Best in Show ($250), Most Functional/Polished ($100)

Clas.sr is a peer-to-peer network that connects experts in any given topic with experts-in-training, for short educational chat sessions using video or screensharing.


  • Prizes: Most Beneficial to Madison Community ($100), Supranet ( Hosting for one year)
  • Team: Eve Galanter, Chris Keller
  • URL:  http://madsafety.nwsmkr.com/issues/

City Citer is a multi-device platform that allows everyday citizens to submit information about quality of life issues and problems they feel a municipality can address. Using a smartphone web app, a native Android app, or their laptop, desktop computer or tablet, you and your neighbors can send images and descriptions of these issues and opportunities, which can be rated and given priority over other issues.


Scrooge Buster is a shared Christmas wish list.  Users can create a list, share with friends, and claim items on friends’ lists.  This helps prevent overlaps in gift giving.  Scrooge Buster also links to amazon to help users find the perfect gift item for friends and family!


  • Prizes: Biggest Potential Impact ($100), People’s Choice ($100)
  • Team: Brendan O’Conner

PIGLET provides a personal, wearable computer that
searches for open WiFi signals and connects; having gained a
connection to the Internet, it then provides a strong, encrypted
tunnel for the user’s traffic, and gives the user a secure WiFi
hotspot to allow all the user’s devices to utilize strong privacy

Workout Timer

  • Prizes: Sony Creative ( Video Editing Software)
  • Team: Shannon Younger, Bob Baddelly

This is an application that works via bluetooth to communicate with a portable scoreboard. It enables easy interval workouts with a visual countdown. Users can manipulate the amount of time for the intervals as well as the number of intervals. It also has a buzzer component that can be turned on or off.

Pocket Bartender

  • Team: Adam Eggum, Justin Smith, Ian Powell, Alex Smith, Matthew From, Yuen Lye Yeap

We worked on a mobile application for the ‘Pocket Bartender’.
It will allow you to see what drinks you can make with the alcohols you have and, also it will allow you to see what other types of drinks you would be able to make if you’re willing to buy one, two, or three more drinks.
Many more features are planned in the future.

3D ASCII Renderer

  • Team: Ryan Zoerb, Andrew Zoerb


Affordable group health coverage for self-employed individuals.


  • Team: Jacob Hanshaw

What I developed at Build Madison, was a game app called Mental which is a new take on the side scrolling genre. The idea of the game is that the player is an individual lost in the world of his own mind as his or her mental world begins to unravel. The player progresses through this puzzle game by popping inter-dimensional objects from each room (which takes up the entire iPhone screen) and using them in a different room.

The game mechanic has been developed and programmed for iOS devices, so moving forward, I’ll be working on level design, plot, and finding an artist. I made this game to develop my skills, but I believe it has market potential. I’m thinking about having a kickstarter to either make the code open source or free on the app store.

Hill Bomber Longboarding

HillBomber is an app for Longboarders that turns the entire globe into a database of trails to hit. On Android and iPhone, it allows anyone to create and upload a trail and mark its difficulty to share with anyone else who uses the app. It provides a map interface that determines your location and presents trails that are nearby.

Audio Video Synchronization Offset Measurement Devise

  • Prizes: Most Innovative ($100)
  • Team: Dennis Adams

Home theater enthusiasts invest in expensive displays and audio systems because they know that great picture and sound contribute to the enjoyment of movies. However, they may not realize that their system might not be presenting the picture and sound precisely synchronized as it was intended. Small sync errors (also known as “lip sync” errors) reduce immersion in the movie, and large sync errors make viewing annoying and tedious. Unfortunately, in most cases it is the picture that is late (due to extra processing in modern flat panel) and this is the opposite of how it happens in nature so we’re particularly sensitive to it. While you can buy calibration discs and sound pressure level meters to tune your AV system, I couldn’t find any consumer device to measure the AV sync, so I designed and built one at Build Madison. The prototype uses an Arduino microcontroller with light and sound sensors added. When you play a special file, DVD, or Blu-ray Disc containing synchronized flashes and beeps it measures and displays the offset between them. You can use this value to adjust your AV receiver to add a delay to the audio to match the video (note that HDMI version 1.3 includes a Lip Sync feature that allows a display to report its latency so the receiver can compensate but your display and receiver must both have this feature to use it, and so many people have to adjust this setting in their receiver manually, or might want to know if the feature is working correctly). This technology could be built into an SPL meter and sold as part of a calibration kit.

Revolution Kitchen

A bike food cart serving magical coffee and food in Houghton, MI.


OpenWire is a person-to-vendor SMS and email client that allows you to get the information you want when you want it. With OpenWire, you can text or email questions directly to a delegate at the venue of your choice and receive a reply ASAP. Get your info on the Wire!

Expandable Shoes

  • Team: Micah Binns

With the help of others I worked on my creative shoe project. With the help of multiple people, I designed a child’s shoe that can expand in length backwards. To help parents save money, from being forced to buy shoes, at inconvenient financial times for them.

Live From Build Madison 2012

Project details are now available here.

Sunday @ 1:53 PM – Congratulations to this year’s winners:

  • Best in Show – Classr
  • Most Innovative – Audio/Video Sync
  • Most Functional/Polished – Classr
  • Biggest Potential Impact – PIGLET
  • Most Beneficial to Madison Community – CityCiter
  • People’s Choice – PIGLET
  • Sony Creative – Workout Timer, Passive Grille Shutters
  • American Family Insurance – Hacker Care
  • SupraNet – CityCiter, ScroogeBuster

Thanks to everyone who participated! Check out the Wisconsin State Journal coverage of Build Madison here. We’ll also be posting a full recap and project descriptions soon.

Sunday @ 6:15 AM – (An update from Mike Fenchel) The Portable-Scores prototype counting down the hours shows a bright red “4:50” above the weary but determined group of 30 or so individuals that have stayed the night. A slightly muted but determined atmosphere presides as people are amazingly still just as focused on their projects as they were when they began over 19 hours ago.

Fueled by dubstep, caffeine, the desire to finish and the thought of free breakfast each of us are pushing on and taking our projects to new heights.

It’s cool to see people come together to work like this. Many are enjoying and learning from the others on their team, and even those who decided to work alone have been saying how the atmosphere and event has pushed them to make progress on things they usually only think or talk about.

Mike takes a quick rest. Yes, it is possible to work with your eyes closed at #BuildMadison!

There is something really interesting and seemingly beneficial about putting sleep aside for a night and seeing what we really are capable of in one 24 hour sitting. Personally, I was just feeling a bit disappointed; I decided to take on making an iPhone app / server combination with a friend Will who has no technical background, and we’ve only got the server working- the app is feeling farther and farther out of reach (thanks, in part, to Apple and Google’s inability to see eye to eye on mapping software on the iPhone- little did I know, it’s a serious pain in the ass for developers.)

But then I thought about how Peter mid-way through joined the team and already finished an Android app that works with the server I built, and how Will has made an awesome design that’s going to make our users really love their experience. And I also started realizing that before today I’d never even attempted anything this technically involved in just one day, and how much I’ve learned in the past 20-ish hours.

Well, writing is giving me a second wind, guess I’m gonna dive back in and see what I can’t figure out and get finished up. Hope everyone’s sleeping well and grabbing a few winks for all of us!

Saturday @ 11:58 PM – 2 minutes till Sunday! Some pictures from day one are now online. Download them here

Saturday @ 9:00 PM– The massive platters of subs, chips, and cookies for dinner have all but disappeared. Everyone has refilled and refueled and is back to building. The machine shop is occupied, 3D printers are making more 3D printers, and the coders are coding. Everyone is in the groove and cranking away, and the late night libations are flowing. Great progress is being made all around. 15 hours to go!

Saturday @ 5:00 PM– The 2012 fall Build Madison is underway! This is the 3rd iteration of the popular event organized by Capital Entrepreneurs, and this one is bigger and better than ever. Nearly 75 people showed up at Sector67 in Madison today and pitched 23 different potential project ideas. Of these, teams ended up forming around 20 projects which are now being worked on. Besides being the largest Build Madison to date, it’s also home to the largest variety of vastly different projects. Teams are working on projects including apps, tutoring, insurance, civic services, 3D printing, car parts, shoes, bikes, and more. There’s even a team making soap! Team sizes range from 1-5 members, each bringing differing backgrounds and skill sets to the table.

Espresso and computers. Quite the setup!

This event wouldn’t be possible without the our very generous and supportive presenting sponsors which include Google, Quest Software, American Family Insurance, and Gener8tor. A number of other sponsors are providing in-kind and cash prizes for teams, and Sector67 is graciously hosting the event. The room is full of excitement as teams are taking the early steps to turn their ideas into something real. Mayor Soglin even stopped in to check out the progress. As the clock continues to count down, we’re excited to see how things develop. 18 hours to go! The projects being worked on:
1 – Hacker Care
2 – Revolution Kitchen
3 – Peer to Peer Micro-Tutoring
4 – Uin
5 – Realtime 3D ASCII Renderer
6 – Making Laundry Soap
7 – Longboarding App
8 – Bidmo.to
9 – Shoes That Grow
10 – Passive Grille Shutters
11 – Home Bartender
12 – Texting with Vendors
13 – Auto Unzip Chrome Extension
14 – Shared Wishlist
15 – Audio Video Syncing
16 – Heated 3D Printer Build Platform
17 – Side Scroller Video Game
18 – City Report a Problem
19 – Workout App
20 – 3D Printing Filament Extruder
21 – Knitting Machine

Build Madison Returns!

Build Madison is back with a few new tweaks and the same old crew to run our 3rd Community Create-a-thon Saturday-Sunday September 22-23, and it’s going to be the best one yet!

Come together to show off and build the talent of Madison’s community while making real products from concept to completion in just 24 hours. Meet great people, learn new skills and don’t forget to enjoy the food, drinks and prizes put up by our great sponsors to fuel our creative fire.

The event layout will be similar to the previous two: idea pitches starting at 11 AM Saturday, team formation, open build time throughout the day and night, and then presentations/prizes Sunday at noon. We’ll be providing snacks, drinks and dinner on Saturday as well as breakfast for the over-nighters early Sunday morning.

If you have an idea you’ve been wanting to make into reality- pitch it! A number of teams in the past have gone on to successful launch; take advantage of the experienced and talented crowd to get the team and support you need. We’re also adding a panel of experienced entrepreneurs to give feedback on presentations and help groups take their projects to the next level.

Build Madison is organized by Capital Entrepreneurs. Check out past Build Madison recaps here. For more information and to register (it’s free!) go here.

Build Madison Recap

The second Build Madison proved to be even more successful than the first. Over 60 people gathered at Sector67 on Saturday and pitched 19 different potential project ideas. Teams formed around 13 of these projects and quickly got to figuring out how they were going to turn their idea into a real product in the remaining 23 hours (live blog).

Many participants attended the first Build Madison back in February and were pumped to get started at this event. Sponsors were extremely generous and supportive – we were able to increase the amount of prizes for teams, as well as have an even larger variety of food, drinks, and snacks on hand for participants.

There were many great ideas that came together into some awesome projects. Projects overall were mostly software based, but others involved stepper motors, videos, headphones, projectors, and more. Team sizes varied from 1 to 8 members, and participants encompassed a wide range of skill sets. Some came with an idea of a problem they needed solved and partnered up with other participants that could make their project a reality, others came as a team with a set mission. The projects presented were well executed and very impressive.


The winners of the top cash prizes were decided by a panel of Capital Entrepreneurs members (Mike Fenchel, Forrest Woolworth, Steve Faulkner, and Jeremy Shafton). Deciding the winners was extremely difficult and was based on a combination of: How big of a need the project filled and how much value was provided, how polished and production ready the project was, the variety of skill sets used by the team, and the quality of the final presentation. In the end, the top placing projects were:

1st Place ($500) – Daily.do
2nd Place ($250) – Goal Keeper
3rd Place ($100) – Boardify

People’s Choice ($100) – Boardify

Supranet Prize (1 yr virtual co-location hosting) – Goal Keeper

Sony Prizes (Sony Vegas Movie Studio packages):
1st – Daily.do, 2nd – SitePass, 3rd – Uin

Universal Modeling Prize ($50 for best use of open source software) – Boardify




Prizes: 1st Place ($500), Sony Prize (1st)
Team: Joe Nelson, Mohammed Jabbar, Johnny Fuchs, Aerick Valentinus
Available live: http://daily.do

Daily.do helps people accomplish big goals in small steps. Things like buying a house, running a marathon, planning a wedding and get right decoration for the wedding venue, or making a PB&J sandwich are broken down into simple daily tasks sent via phone/email/twitter. The task breakdown is provided by both experts and crowd-sourcing. Users can stay motivated by betting $$ on themselves to succeed. They post the bet with Daily.do, then earn it back with each successful task. In the end, if they diligently complete their goal, they win the whole bet back, and the satisfaction of accomplishing something BIG. Daily.do strives to give people the structure, engagement, and incentives to conquer complicated, intimidating, long-term goals.

Goal Keeper

Prizes: 2nd Place ($250), Supranet Prize
Team: Bob Baddeley, Deb Gurke
Available live: http://test.wyzgyz.com/goalkeeper/public, Login: bob/bob

An important component of the federal Race to the Top initiative is the creation of a system to evaluate teachers and principals that includes standardized tests and individualized measurements. Goalkeeper provides a way for teachers and principals to collect and report data as part of the evaluation system. The application allows teachers and principals to create SLOs, indicate which standard and school and district goals are linked to the SLO, track student progress, aggregate data at the school level, and share progress with individual students and their parents. The system provides for transparency about student achievement for districts, schools, principals, teachers, students and their parents.


Prizes: 3rd Place ($100), People’s Choice ($100), Best use of open source software ($50 from Universal Modeling)
Team: Dan Silvers, Mark Ratzburg
Available live: http://boardify.net/

Boardify is a solution for enterprises, allowing them to cleanly capture information from whiteboards and written correspondence. Boardify relies on the users cell phone camera as the data entry point. It eliminates noise, corrects for perspective, and saves the information in an infinitely scalable, archivable, vector image format. By generating an industry standard PDF file, Boardify allows the modern worker to easily share the information with their coworkers or integrate it into other information management solutions like Microsoft OneNote or Evernote.


Prize: Sony Prize (2nd)
Team: Aaron Larner, Beau L M
Available live: http://www.sitepass.me/

SitePass is a flexible and easy way to let content providers charge users for only the content they view. Webmasters only need to include two lines of code to start generating money. Users log into the service once and then it will work with any site that uses SitePass. Here are just some of the features:

  • Charges can be made on a time or number of views based subscription basis.
  • Users can set site and global settings to auto-approve transactions under a certain amount.
  • Users and content providers can see all of their transactions and can dispute and refund payments.


Prize: Sony Prize (3rd)
Team: Ryan Zoerb, Andrew Zoerb, Isaac Gerges, Jon Wing

Uin is an Android application that makes it easy to organize casual and spontaneous social gatherings. Guests can receive invites, respond to invites, and view event details via SMS, making the RSVP process platform agnostic. Uin takes the hassle out of organizing spontaneous events, allowing users to do more stuff with more people.


Team: Andrew Hanson, Nolan Berry, Brad Lang, Colin Juillard, Peter Colins, Ryan Long, John Detloff, Phil Dougherty
Available live: (coming soon)

Zombie Craft is an online multiplayer zombie survival game that you can play through your web browser FOR FREE! Collect resources, build turrets, and protect villages, while keeping your health in the positive and slaying green dinozombies in this fantastical post-apocalyptic/medieval world.

Projection Mapping

Team: Dennis Adams

My goal was to build a projection mapping system that could correctly project an image onto a surface which is not aligned with the projector. I built a projection surface with sensors in each corner, and created software that used “structured light” to detect where these sensors were from the point of view of the projector. At the conclusion of Build Madison, the system could show where the detected corner positions were. Since then, I’ve added the calculations to warp the image so it aligns with the surface. For this project, I used Microsoft Visual Studio, the C++ programming language, the OpenGL graphics library, and the OpenCV open source computer vision library.


Team: Steven Faulkner, Jeremy Shafton
Available live: www.mailblogger.com

Mailblogger.com turns the contents of any blog post or RSS feed into a physical letter. For only $2 we will format, print, and mail the letter to any address. We were happy to find that our first two customers bought letters during our Build Madison demo. Mailblogger was created entirely during the 24 hours of Build Madison, built on Ruby on Rails, and hosted on Heroku. The service is live and fully functional.


Team: Mike Kunze, Zach Gohr

Zach Gohr and I worked on project 14, which is servey.us (or quick survey). The point of servey.us was to utilize node.js along with sencha’s frameworks for both desktop and mobile to create a way survey management system for companies to quickly and intuitively create surveys, and for customers to quickly and intuitively answer these surveys. Each survey has its own unique URL which would be embedded into a QR code.

Build Madison Web 2.0 Idea Generator

Team: Dan Silvers
Available live: http://ideas.o.cd/

The Build Madison Web 2.0 Idea Generator is a crowd-sourced, on-demand rapid project idea generator. The web application randomly generates usable ideas from a pool of tech buzzwords submitted by Build Madison participants.

It utilizes organic affiliate widgets that connect to a microblogging friend finder algorithm, while maintaining an unbelievably location-aware blogosphere. These features provide semantic carbon positive semi-automatic mashup possibilities extending from crowd-sourced digital craft breweries to award winning semi-automatic obscure robotic video games.


Team: Adam Braus

Car_App is a project management software as a service website for independent autoshops.

Live @ Build Madison

Sunday 1:30 pm – Team presentations are finished and the prizes have been awarded. There were some awesome projects and the event was a great time. Thanks goes out to everyone who participated and made it such an amazing event. The top placing teams were:

1st – Daily Do
2nd – Goal Keeper
3rd – Boardify

A full Build Madison recap post will be up this week (including project descriptions and more prize info). Stay tuned!

Sunday 10:30 am – Morning and night have come and gone. Many team members have spent the whole night at Sector67, others are showing back up after taking a few hours to get some sleep. Teams are prepping for final presentations and making last minute touches on their projects. 30 minutes remaining…

Saturday 9:20 pm – It’s the beginning of the late hours. We’ve located some Spotted Cow and the custom Turbo Tab Chiller is sourcing delicious refreshments. Teams are getting ready for the long haul. The projects seem to be coming together, but there is still much work to do.

Saturday 6:15 pm – Teams are entering phase 2 of development. Initial planning and brainstorming behind, they’re now deep within development of their product. Some are now faced with the daunting scope of actually turning an idea into a product and are starting to think about how to cut down on scale in order to finish on time. Others who may have had a better perspective from the start are still charging forward with original plans. A few participants are showing signs of frustration from bug-hunting in their code, while others are smiling fueled by the Ian’s pizza and Flatt Cola strewn about the tables in front of them. It’s still relatively early and there’s a lot of time and ground to be covered. We’ll check back in soon with more updates from a room full of energized and creative people hard at work.

Saturday 4:40 pm – Teams are hard at work. Almost time for dinner and a break.

Saturday 3:30pm – It’s starting to rain outside, and teams are starting to code inside. A full refrigerator of drinks and a table of snacks are fueling the teams. It’s all about execution now…

Saturday 1:00 pm – Over 60 excited people gathered this morning at Sector67 and the 2nd Build Madison is now underway. People pitched 19 different potential projects to build, and around 16 attracted enough interest and are being worked on. Projects are wide ranging and involve everything from games to movies, iPods, stepper motors, cloud based services, Facebook and more. Much brainstorming and diagramming is happening and projects are starting to be defined more completely. Check out some of the teams working via the Sector67 live webcam and be sure to follow the Twitter hashtag #buildmadison. More live updates to come…

Build Madison Is This Weekend

Reposted from the PerBlue Blog.

Hey all of you smart people out there! The 2nd ever Build Madison is taking place this weekend. This 24 hour community create-a-thon kicks off at 11 am on Saturday, September 24 at Sector67 in Madison. PerBlue is again one of the presenting sponsors and we’re pumped.

Now what exactly is a create-a-thon? Think of it like a hackathon, but it’s not limited to just programming based projects. You can “create” just about anything. Last time teams worked on everything from iPhone and web apps to microcontrollers to stop-motion videos. There is nearly $1000 is cash prizes + a bunch of other prizes too. Registration is free, and there will be food and drinks throughout the event. It’s being organized by Capital Entrepreneurs and is sponsored by Google, Sony, PerBlue, SupraNet, 94labs, Schematical, Flatt Cola and more.

If you have an idea for a cool project to work on (whether it be a website, widget, or pretty much anything really) this is your event. Bring your idea and meet others at the event to help make your idea a reality. Don’t have an idea, but want to work on a fun project? Attend as a free agent and bring your skill set (whatever it may be – programming, glass blowing, marketing, etc) and find an interesting project there to work on and bring to life.

Be sure to register for this on the Build Madison website, and check out the live blog from the last Build Madison. We hope to see you there!

Sector67, 94labs, and Build Madison in WI State Journal

CE member company Sector67 and 94labs were recently featured in the Sunday edition of the Wisconsin State Journal. Sector67 and 94labs were highlighted as entrepreneurial hubs in Madison and are “helping entrepreneurs create products and start companies more rapidly than ever before.”

CE member Michael Fenchel’s mobile art collective was also highlighted, as well as the upcoming Build Madison – a 24 hour community create-a-thon taking place at Sector67 this weekend.

Check out the full article here.

Build Madison Recap

The first ever Build Madison wrapped up a successful event last weekend. Over 50 participants gathered to work on 10 different projects at Sector67 on Madison’s east side. Build Madison is a “Community Create-a-thon” where people of all ages and skill sets came together to turn ideas into real products in 24 hours.

The event started at 11am Saturday with an idea pitching session, where anyone could pitch an idea for a potential project to work on. Dozens of ideas spanned a wide range of topics, and participants then formed teams to work on different projects. Teams started by planning and designing, then proceeded to implement their idea and turn it into a real product.

Google sponsored snacks, a fully stocked refrigerator of drinks, and pizza for participants. Flatt Cola provided an endless supply of energized cola to keep everyone on their toes. Teams worked diligently throughout the day and into the evening, with many teams working through the night in an effort to complete their projects on time.

Everyone gathered on Sunday at 11am for final project presentations and demos. Teams showed off their projects to a packed room as judges kept an eye out for the top projects. After the presentations wrapped up, judges then conferred and chose the top teams.

Be sure to also check out the live blog, time lapse video, and some pictures. Thanks goes out to all the participants and sponsors who made this a great event.

The projects:

Winner of $500 in cash from PerBlue and 1 year of virtual co-location service from SupraNet.

Brainsy is a web application that provides a better way browse Etsy.com handmade goods. You start by picking from a random assortment of products. Other products are recommended to you based on an algorithm that predicts your preferences. Brainsy was built by Corey Losenegger, Aaron Larner, and Pitt Fagan, web developers at EarthIT. Check out the demo at http://brainsy.star-man.org.

Winner of 1 year Enterprise Package social media service from Ring & Klingelhoets and HD Movie Studio Plantinum software from Sony.

Cheesebet.com is a social gambling website with digital cheese instead of money where the bets themselves are added and scored live during sporting events. Our goal as a team was to design, build and launch the website as one fluid process so that it could be live for the Super Bowl the next day. Right now, bets are submitted and scored by our team, but we would like to add a crowd-source component so that our users themselves can submit and score bets in real time. May the cheesiest fan win!

Winner of the runner up glassware from SupraNet.

Requestd.com is a personal search engine. Find information from your Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, and other online accounts by searching in one central place.

Atom Bomb Alarm
Winner of HD Movie Studio Plantinum software from Sony.

Atom Bomb Alarm is a wake up call that also calls your friends in the event you don’t pick up or your phone is turned off. Alarms are scheduled via a simple web interface. Users also input two additional backup phone numbers. If the primary phone number doesn’t pick up, the backup phones are called and told, “Go wake your friend up! They missed their alarm!” Perfect for ultra critical moments when you need more than a traditional alarm. The service is live at www.atombombalarm.com.

Tempest RTS

Tempest is a real time strategy game in HTML5 which took inspiration from Tempest Chess, a real time chess variant. We built the core infrastructure, AI, artwork, and gameplay. It can be played at here.


iTalkBack is a free text to speech application. The iTalkBack app turns the iPad into a communication device for those who need speech assistance. This iPad application replaces very expensive dedicated communication devices while providing great ease of customization that can be performed by users and/or their caretakers.

Please follow us for update and release information.

NextGen X-10
Raffle winner of the $100 credit to Murfie.com.

Many people have used and sworn at X-10 remote appliance controllers for decades. They provide plug-in modules into which you can plug lights and appliances, and then remotely control the modules (and the attached devices) from hand-held key-fobs or timer-controllers or day-night controllers. X-10 is very flakey in use, the modules fail often and are increasingly expensive. High-tech replacements (ZigBee/Lustron et all) are massively more expensive yet.

This project’s goal was to prototype a timer-controller to use with cheap, off-the-self 434 Mhz RF-controlled appliance modules. An Arduino micro-controller would be hooked to a postage-stamp-size RF transmitter; software on the Arduino would receive commands over its serial port to set timed events (a device to be turned on/off daily at a stated time) and would continuously scan its table of stored events, executing them as their time arrives. A user interface running on a laptop would be developed to create event lists and download them to the Arduino’s serial port.

Using some code snippets from prior Sector67 Arduino classes and an RF transmitter I bought from Chris on the spot, I spent about 5-6 hours developing and debugging a working prototype, using the open-source Arduino development tools and and using LiveCode (www.runrev.com) on the laptop side.

Tap It

I built a casual game for the iPhone, tentatively called “Tap It.” The gameplay works very similarly to an orignal “Bop IT!”. A sound plays telling the player what to do, and then the player must do the action fast enough to continue playing. As time goes on, the gameplay gets faster.

Y Comments

Y Comments is a small piece of Javascript that embeds comment threads on the popular Hacker News discussion website on an external page. This allows bloggers and authors on the web to submit their posts to Hacker News and then include the ensuing discussion on their own site instead of simply linking to Hacker News
itself. The result is free external comment hosting (like Disqus) provided by a forum with a large and engaged community of tech professionals. More information is available at http://will.m.aier.us/ycomments.

Google Map Atwood Mashup

The project is intended to provide a map of points of interest in the immediate vicinity of Sector 67. The map centers on Sector 67, but there is nothing preventing points of interest from being added at any location on the planet.

The map can be viewed and edited by anyone who navigates to http://loganfamily.ws/atwood


makerbits.net is a website inspired by ravelry.com, thingiverse, and many other maker related websites. makerbits’ goal is to be a repository of parts, datasheets, projects, and to give users the ability to track their stuff and lend/sell parts and tools to other makers in need. It also is designed to help hackerspaces and other shared work environments more organized. makerbits.net is a work in progress, and should be live in a few more weeks.

iPad Point of Sale

The goal of our project was to make a menu and point-of-sale system on a tablet device. Each restaurant would be able to create their own distinctive menu, and provide as much data as they wanted for each item. We created a category & sub-category system that would allow diners to filter menu items down, such as “Vegetarian”. Patrons would be able to create their profiles, which would contain their payment options, accumulate loyalty rewards the restaurant might offer, and the entire table could easily split their checks for individual payment.

We chose .NET & C# for our tools to create this web service. Unfortunately we were unable to finish in time. We finished creating the database, inserted 42 menu items with pictures, graphics for an example restaurant, and created back-end maintenance screens.

Magnifying Glass Stop Motion Video

Build Madison Time Lapse

Live @ Build Madison

Sunday @ 12:45 pm The project presentations are all wrapped up and the prizes have been awarded. There were some really awesome projects that came together over the last day. A more detailed Build Madison follow up post will be available soon and will also include more information on each project. The prizes:

$500 Cash from PerBlue – Team Brainsy
1 Year of Hosting from SupraNet – Team Brainsy
Runner up prize from SupraNet – Team Requestd
Software from Sony – Team Cheesebet, Team Atom Bomb Alarm
Consulting from Ring & Klingelhoets – Team Cheesebet

Team Presentations

Sunday @ 10:40 am The smell of freshly made bacon fills the air at Sector 67 this morning. Many people have worked diligently through the night on their projects. Teams are making last minute additions to their projects and beginning to prep for their presentations which will begin shortly. 20 minutes to go…

11:30 pm Teams are pushing through and will soon be burning that midnight oil. A few teams have wrapped up their projects and are ready to call it a night. Most are still around and cranking away. A few people have even started making a stop motion movie involving kung fu. 11.5 hours to go.

10:06 pm Teams are still going strong. Many projects are starting to look like real products, others are just starting to come together. A participant from the cheesebet team said, “We have 9 people – including programmers, biz dev, designers, and writers and we’re tackling the whole project in a pretty coordinated way.” Another participant said, “I should be doing my homework, but this is more fun.”

8:23 pm The stack of Ian’s pizza is gone and teams are back to busily coding, designing, and plotting world domination. The custom made TurboTap chiller has managed to find itself a keg of Spotted Cow and is dispensing happiness for the enjoyment of all. Code and Cow are flowing freely.

The Pizza
The Cow

5:19 pmBuild Madison is fully underway. The community create-a-thon kicked off shortly after 11am this morning. Over 50 participants gathered at Sector 67 to pitch ideas for a wide variety of potential projects to work on. After some discussion and brainstorming, teams formed to work on around 10 different projects.

The ideas currently being worked on include an iPad based point of sale system for restaurants, a personal search engine, a speech based bus trip planning service, a parts database, phone syncing software, a Super Bowl betting website, a recommendation service for Etsy, an RTS grid based game, an SMS alarm clock, an embedded commenting platform, and curriculum based software for schools.

Most of the teams have finished up with the design and planning of their projects and are now fully immersed in the implementation. Google sponsored snacks and drinks for everyone (and pizza in a little while for dinner), and Flatt Cola is keeping everyone energized.

There are now less than 18 hours to go before project presentations tomorrow morning. More updates to come throughout the event…

During the idea pitching session.

Build Madison: A Community Create-a-thon

Capital Entrepreneurs is organizing Build Madison which is taking place February 5th and 6th. It’s a 24 hour create-a-thon (think hackathon + startup day + just building cool stuff). There is even a $500 cash prize (plus other prizes) going to the top teams.

If you have an idea for a cool project to work on (whether it be a website, widget, or pretty much anything really) this is your event. Bring your idea and meet others at the event to help make your idea a reality. Don’t have an idea, but want to work on a fun project? This is your event too. Bring your skill set (whatever it may be – programming, glass blowing, marketing, etc) and find an interesting project to work on and bring to life.

For more information check out www.buildmadison.org.

Calling all creative, talented and enthusiastic Madisonians! Come together to unleash and show off our community’s potential by cooperatively creating real products in less than 24 hours. Connect with people to make your idea a reality or utilize your skill set and experience to help bring other exciting ideas to life- all while meeting cool people and generally having a blast. Plus, there’s prize money and packages for teams with the most impressive results.

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