900dpi Launches Blog CMS

900_256The founders of 900dpi, the leading fully intuitive website content management system, recently launched an easy-to-use and implement blog CMS platform.

Using nothing more than a toolbar and straightforward editing box, users are able to add dynamic blog content including images, videos, lists, links and more. The tool provides all the functionality of more complicated blogging applications, but does so in a simple, fun-to-use package.

“When we envisioned what blogging would look like on 900dpi, we knew it had to be incredibly simple to implement while still giving designers full control over the look and feel of their designs,” – Aaron Larner, 900dpi Co-Founder

Read the full press release here.

2013 Recap: 900dpi

900_256First off its technically more of a quarter year in review. 900dpi lets web designers create websites with the tools they already love (like HTML, CSS, and dropbox). 900dpi abstracts away the difficulties in hosting and ftp by using dropbox. Server-side power is built in with functionality like server side includes, form handling, a content management system, and soon blogging; all implemented with a single line of HTML.

Aaron Larner, Abby Larner, and Adam Perkins started tossing ideas around for a new startup in July of 2013. Things on the list included entrepreneurial communities, outsourcing marketplaces, and of course what became 900dpi. After talking through everything with a couple other entrepreneurial friends (Matt Ford, Isaac Sinnott, and others) the team was most excited about 900dpi.

The team started working on the project in September, releasing an Alpha and then private beta in November. The first few months of revisions and refinement were to make sure 900dpi understood its customers, the primary use cases, and the pain points. In December 900dpi continues to work on the product but is also starting to focus on marketing. At this point we have nearly 500 user registrations, most of which came in December.

We are excited to be a part of the Madison community and looking forward to seeing what everyone accomplishes in 2014.