Madison Coworking Movement Highlighted

horizon-logo2The coworking movement in Madison is alive and well, and has seen much activity recently. The Isthmus covered much of what is going on in a recent article on how new coworking space bolsters Madison’s tech scene.

Much of this momentum started with the Horizon Coworking pilot (hosted by Murfie), which began less than 2 years ago. A handful of other coworking spaces have emerged, and there are even bolder plans in the works. Also featured were coworking spaces hosted by Bendyworks and Sector67. Each coworking space offers a different environment and vibe, but ultimately facilitates interaction and community building among its members. Checkout the full article here.

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  1. Jane Boutelle says:

    Very cool site started recently– like airbnb for office space! Would love to see something like this make it to Madison.

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