Live @ Build Madison To Download The Risky Adviser Forex Of 100 Months Sunday @ 12:45 pm The project presentations are all wrapped up and the prizes have been awarded. There were some really awesome projects that came together over the last day. A more detailed Build Madison follow up post will be available soon and will also include more information on each project. The prizes:

Big Money Less Risk Trade Options $500 Cash from PerBlue – Team Brainsy Online Trading Demo Hdfc Mutual Fund 1 Year of Hosting from SupraNet – Team Brainsy
Forex Consolidation Phase Runner up prize from SupraNet – Team Requestd Cotizaciones de la Bolsa de M̩xico Software from Sony РTeam Cheesebet, Team Atom Bomb Alarm
Binary Option Demo Iphone 4 Consulting from Ring & Klingelhoets – Team Cheesebet Make Online Money Tanzania Team Presentations

Financial Trading Binary Option Sunday @ 10:40 am The smell of freshly made bacon fills the air at Sector 67 this morning. Many people have worked diligently through the night on their projects. Teams are making last minute additions to their projects and beginning to prep for their presentations which will begin shortly. 20 minutes to go… Sycamore Options Broker 11:30 pm Teams are pushing through and will soon be burning that midnight oil. A few teams have wrapped up their projects and are ready to call it a night. Most are still around and cranking away. A few people have even started making a stop motion movie involving kung fu. 11.5 hours to go. Yurets Good Fellow Of Forex 10:06 pm Teams are still going strong. Many projects are starting to look like real products, others are just starting to come together. A participant from the cheesebet team said, “We have 9 people – including programmers, biz dev, designers, and writers and we’re tackling the whole project in a pretty coordinated way.” Another participant said, “I should be doing my homework, but this is more fun.”

First Woman On Ny Stock Exchange 8:23 pm The stack of Ian’s pizza is gone and teams are back to busily coding, designing, and plotting world domination. The custom made TurboTap chiller has managed to find itself a keg of Spotted Cow and is dispensing happiness for the enjoyment of all. Code and Cow are flowing freely.

The Pizza
The Cow

Stock Option Broker Review 5:19 pmBuild Madison is fully underway. The community create-a-thon kicked off shortly after 11am this morning. Over 50 participants gathered at Sector 67 to pitch ideas for a wide variety of potential projects to work on. After some discussion and brainstorming, teams formed to work on around 10 different projects.

The ideas currently being worked on include an iPad based point of sale system for restaurants, a personal search engine, a speech based bus trip planning service, a parts database, phone syncing software, a Super Bowl betting website, a recommendation service for Etsy, an RTS grid based game, an SMS alarm clock, an embedded commenting platform, and curriculum based software for schools.

Most of the teams have finished up with the design and planning of their projects and are now fully immersed in the implementation. Google sponsored snacks and drinks for everyone (and pizza in a little while for dinner), and Flatt Cola is keeping everyone energized.

There are now less than 18 hours to go before project presentations tomorrow morning. More updates to come throughout the event…

During the idea pitching session.

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