SnowShoe Launches New Punch Card App

CE member SnowShoe launched a smartphone app designed to revolutionize customer loyalty programs by replacing the “You can never find it when you need it” coffee shop punch card. SnowShoe has teamed up with Madison based Cupcakes-A-Go-Go Cafe, to release “App-A-Go-Go”, to replace traditional punch cards. The app is the first to use a patent-pending technology, the SnowShoeStamp, to record and authenticate customers’ purchases.

Shoutlet Launches New Trigger-Based Platform

Madison based social marketing platform Shoutlet was recently featured on TechCrunch after launching their new trigger-based Social Switchboard service. Social Switchboard lets marketers schedule status updates, Tweets, and much more to be automatically published when a specific trigger is hit (such as reaching a certain ‘Like’ count on Facebook, etc). Read more on TechCrunch. Raises $3.6 Million

Madison based has raised $3.6 million in funding from a group of Spanish investors. This current round brings the total amount raised to $18.2 million since launching in 2008. is the leading digital retail marketplace for purchasing household essential goods and is now home to over 600 manufacturers and thousands of household brands. recently completed a merger with Spanish company and has since expanded to an international European audience.