PerBlue in Tech News World

PerBlue’s head of marketing Andy Gilbertson was quoted in Tech News World about Apple’s approval process for applications in the app store.  From the link:

“Apple’s approval process to get into the App Store can be a mysterious one with little feedback from them, and they make no guarantees about how long your app will sit in the queue waiting to get reviewed,” Andy Gilbertson, vice president of marketing at PerBlue, a mobile game developer, told TechNewsWorld.

“When we released the latest version of ‘Parallel Kingdom,’ we tried to allot enough time for Apple’s approval process, but it ends up being a guessing game and we guessed wrong,” he said. “As a result, our Android version hit the market nearly two weeks before the Apple version was approved.”

In a game like “Parallel Kingdom” — a real-time, persistent game world — two weeks is a lifetime.

“Many of our Apple players became very frustrated that Android users were getting such a huge head start, and I’m sure we lost some players as a result,” Gilbertson concluded.

Introducing the Capital Entrepreneurs Angel List

On May 26th, we celebrated our one year anniversary with our 13th Capital Entrepreneurs meeting.  Capital Entrepreneurs has grown from it’s original 10 members to over 60 young, growing startups.  It’s been an awesome year, with CE members closing funding rounds worth over $7.5m and being featured in The Washington Post, New York Times, Tech Crunch, Mashable, Lifehacker, BBC, Fox Business and tons of others.  Madison truly is an up and coming startup hub in the US.

To jump start our 2nd year, we’re starting the Capital Entrepreneurs Angel List.  The CE Angel List is based off of Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi’s extremely successful Venture Hacks Angel List.  The VH Angel List pairs startups looking for capital with angel investors who are looking for cool startups to fund.

The CE list works like this:

  1. Capital Entrepreneur member companies that want to raise money submit 1 page summaries that include information about the business, management team, how much money they are seeking, valuation and basic financial models.
  2. Nathan Lustig and other CE members read over the pitches, suggest edits and vet them for content and readability.
  3. CE sends an email out to the accredited investors in the CE Angel List with the CE member’s pitch.
  4. Angel investors read over the pitches and if they are interested in more information or pursuing investment, they email CE and CE makes the introduction.
  5. The startup founder and the potential angel investor take it from there.

We believe that the Angel List has the potential to bridge the gap between interested investors and startups that are seeking Wisconsin capital.  If you are interested in being on the Angel List and you are an accredited investor, please contact us via our form and we will put you on the list.