Parallel Kingdom Featured on Mashable

Parallel Kingdom, by Capital Entrepreneurs member company PerBlue, was featured in a Mashable blog post entitled Three Of The Best Free Multiplayer Android Games.  From the post:

Parallel Kingdom, which has been available on Android and the iPhone for some time, gives new meaning to persistent multiplayer online gaming.

The game world is overlaid on a real-time view of Google Maps. Your position on the map is determined by your mobile signal or GPS, and game events (such as encountering other players, battling monsters) happen in real time at your location.

There is a small radius within which your character can venture from the comfort of your couch. But if you want to further explore the “world,” and meet other players, you’ll have to physically get out and go there. As you delve a bit further into the game, you’ll uncover other methods of virtual travel, most of which are connected to the ways in which other players stake out territory.

The game has a lot of depth, as players can explore, collect items, even claim territory and found cities. It’s a mobile MMORPG with an augmented reality twist that takes some commitment to learn, navigate, and enjoy. But the payoff, especially for future, more graphically-rich AR and location-based games is huge.

Entrustet Mentioned in Washington Post

Capital Entrepreneurs member Entrustet was mentioned in the Washington Post today in a front page story about the digital assets industry.  From the article:

Internet experts and estate planners say a cybercrisis is brewing because popular Internet services have policies that, barring an order from a court, forbid accessing or transferring accounts — including recovering money — unless someone has the password.

The legal fog affects not only personal lives — the photo site Flickr has 40 million members — but also millions of business accounts on such sites as eBay and PayPal and the virtual community of Second Life, which generated $55 million of real money for users last year. Despite our increasing reliance on cloud computing — storing all sorts of data online through Web applications — very few Internet users have begun to think about what happens to all that data should we get hit by a bus.

Former Badger Leading Private Rescue Mission to Haiti

Former UW football player and former US Marine is leading a humanitarian mission to Haiti providing emergency medical relief.  He was fed up with the beaucracy and red tape involved with helping Haitians, so he formed his own effort, Team Rubicon, comprised of doctors, nurses Milwaukee firefighters, former Marines and other aid workers.

Team Rubicon, a truely entrepreneurial relief effort, is currently working in Haiti, providing medical relief to Haitians who need it.  The entire mission is privately funded, so if you have extra cash you can donate here.

City Dictionary Featured on Wisconsin Eye

Capital Entrepreneurs member City Dictionary was featured on Wisconsin Eye.  You can watch the video interview by following this link.  Here’s a summary from Wisconsin Eye: is a Web site that dishes up local culture and language for various cities.  Based in Madison, it allows users to define a city in their own words.  The entries range from local slang and nicknames to events, restaurants, neighborhoods, food, people and more.  Co-founder Thomas Carmona stopped by the WisconsinEye studios in Madison to talk with Business Profile host Jason Fischer. Carmona described how has become the place to find insider information that you won’t necessarily find in a tour book, on a map, or in the yellow pages.

Parallel Kingdom Nominated for Best App Ever

PerBlue’s location-based mmorpg, Parallel Kingdom was nominated for “Best App Ever” in four different categories.  From the site:

In December the Best App Ever Awards held nominations through online voting. The Parallel Kingdom community showed their dedication and as a result, PK is a finalist in FOUR categories! I’ll say it again, our players never cease to amaze me!

Finalist voting is open to the public starting now and going until January 31st. Whichever app gets the most votes in each category wins. Let’s keep this momentum going and continue to show our love for PK.

If you are interested in voting and supporting a fellow Capital Entrepreneurs member, click here.

City Dictionary’s Thomas Carmona Featured by In Business Magazine

Capital Entrepreneurs member Thomas Carmona, CEO of City Dictionary, was featured by In Business Magazine as the Executive of the Week. From the interview:

How long have you been involved with City Dictionary and how would you describe your present role at the company?
I have been working on City Dictionary ever since late 2007 when I was developing the idea with my brother and my sister-in-law. At that point it was difficult to progress quickly because I was starting a full-time MBA program and my partners were already running a rapidly-growing e-commerce business of their own. Now my main role is to promote the Web site and pursue strategic partnerships with other media companies that operate in the local landscape. Meanwhile, I have gained a lot of insight from observing and working with my brother, John. He is an accomplished entrepreneur with a knack for knowing what works and what doesn’t. Some of that has rubbed off on me. (I hope.)

Governor’s Business Plan Entry Deadline Approaching

The Govorner’s Business Plan Competition is an annual business plan competition run by the state of Wisconsin and the Wisconsin Technology Council.  With a grand prize of $50,000, it is a great way for Wisconsin companies to get exposure and potentially win some money. Approaching

The deadline for entries is January 31, 2010 and it is fast approaching.  For the first phase, simply submit at 250 word abstract on their website and you are good to go.  For more information please see the Governor’s Business Plan website:

The mission of the Governor’s Business Plan Contest is to encourage entrepreneurs in the creation, start-up and early-growth stages of high-tech businesses in Wisconsin. Participants have the chance to win seed capital, valuable services that will help them launch their businesses and a Grand Prize worth $50,000. Since its inception in 2004, more than 1,500 entries have been received and $1 million in cash and in-kind prizes has been awarded.