2010 Recap: PerBlue

The year of 2010 proved to be a very active and successful one for PerBlue. Our company and products have grown and matured much over the year. We’ve generated a lot of attention in the gaming industry and have established an increasing presence there. We are now one of the largest gaming studios in Wisconsin.

We completed our $800,000 Series A funding round in September. We’ve capitalized on this to grow the company and have doubled size of our team. PerBlue now employs 12 full time and 2 part time people and recently moved into some new spacious office space to accommodate our growing team. We were a finalist at midVenturesLAUNCH, our CEO Justin Beck was named one of the Top 40 Executives Under 40 by InBusiness Magazine, and Wisconsin Governor Jim Doyle even gave us some props, saying:

“PerBlue, Inc. is built on a foundation of innovative technology and strong leadership. I am very excited to support a company that represents the future of Wisconsin’s economy.”

The mobile and social gaming space saw explosive growth this year and is now well over a billion dollar industry. The social gaming space on Facebook has exposed millions of players to a new type of gaming. The iTunes App Store and Android Market have hundreds of thousands of applications. These new types of games have become adopted by mainstream society and integrated into our daily lives. There have even been some interesting TED talks on the positive effects games have on the brain and society overall.

Our flagship product, Parallel Kingdom, saw rapid growth this year. After clearing a milestone 100,000 users in February, we now have over 285,000 users world wide. The newest age, the Age of Thrones, was launched in October. This age includes a whole bunch of really cool new features that add a whole new level of social interaction in the game.

We also launched the beta of our newest game on Facebook. It’s an adventure puzzle game called Looty where you are a treasure hunter immersed in a jungle on the quest for gold and gems. We also have some other games in the pipeline that will be launching in the coming months.

We are very excited about the upcoming year. As the mobile and social gaming space continues to evolve, look for continued enhancements to our current games as well as the launch of new titles. We hope to build on our success from 2010 and continue to innovate by making fun, innovative, and engaging games.

Contributed by Forrest Woolworth of PerBlue.

2010 Recap: Entrustet

2010 was an action packed year for us at Entrustet. We first came up with the idea to create a system to allow people, companies and attorneys to transfer and delete digital assets back in November 2008, but we really hit our stride in 2010. In January, we closed our first round of funding from investors in the midwest and the east coast. We also were approved for the Wisconsin Technology Venture Loan, a program that awarded us a low interest loan from the State of Wisconsin. We’ve seen our team expand from 2 to 7 and seen our business grow with our team.

We’ve used this money to launch our product and become the thought leaders in issues dealing with death and the Internet. In March 2010, Jesse spoke at a panel at South By Southwest called People Die, Profiles Don’t. That same day, we launched Account Guardian, which allows consumers to create a list of their online accounts and computer files and decide which should be deleted and which should be transferred to heirs when they die. Our SXSW panel allowed us to break onto the scene and we received our first press features in The Washington Post and Rocketboom Tech.

We also calculated that three Facebook users die every single minute, a stat that has been published and blogged about all over the Internet. We’ve been featured in Mashable, TechCrunch, Forbes, Fox Business, Lifehacker, Wired, BBC, Financial Times and a whole host of other publications. I attended the inaugural Digital Death Day in Mountain View, CA and Jesse and I (along with A LOT of help from our interns) have written over 170 blog posts about digital estate planning, digital assets and websites issues relating to digital death.

We’ve used our press, blog and marketing to sign up over 20 attorneys for our attorney partner program. These attorneys represent over 15,000 estate planning clients and have learned how to create wills and trusts that incorporate digital assets. In fact, Jesse and I were the first people in North America to execute wills that include all of our digital assets. Our partners and attorneys at Neider and Boucher have taken the lead as the preeminent digital estate planning firm in the United States and probably the world.

In October, we officially launched our corporate partner program. Partner websites agree to allow their users to transfer or delete their online accounts when they pass away, and Entrustet notifies each partner website whenever one of their users passes away. We’ve partnered with a bunch of websites so far, including Flavors.me, Broadjam, Vendder, Goodsie, others.

We’ve also seen a huge change in public awareness and perception of our industry. When we first started, there was only one other company in the “digital death” space. Now there are over 50, including 4 who are direct competitors in the consumer market. We love competition, as we believe it validates our market. If you Google digital estate planning, digital assets or any other keywords, you’ll find hundreds of press mentions and blog posts about digital death.

We believe that we’re nearing a tipping point where planning for your digital death becomes mainstream. Facebook, Twitter and Google now all have death policies and have actively updated them in 2010. Facebook even admitted they have a death problem. Oklahoma just passed a law that requires websites to allow executors access to deceased people’s online accounts. I’m confident that other states in the US will pass similar laws in the near future. Entrustet was even featured in a book about our industry called Your Digital Afterlife: When Facebook, Flickr and Twitter Are Your Estate, What’s Your Legacy?

In November, Entrustet was selected for Start-Up Chile and Jesse and I moved to Santiago to continue to work on the business. We’ve been here for about a month now and have enjoyed meeting all of the other startups and experiencing life in another country. We’ve had the opportunity to meet successful Chilean entrepreneurs, professors, as well as Silicon Valley icons like Steve Blank and Vivek Wadwha.

We believe that 2011 will be the year that our industry becomes mainstream. More states will pass laws similar to Oklahoma’s and more websites will realize that they need to create a plan for dealing with user deaths. We believe that we are in the right place and have the right plan to help websites, consumers and attorneys create plans for dealing with digital death. Look for big things in the digital death space in 2011, with Entrustet leading the way.

Contributed by Nathan Lustig of Entrustet.

2010 Recap: The Madison Startup Scene

The Madison startup community had a very vibrant year in 2010. Capital Entrepreneurs grew much over the course of the year and emerged as a center point for the expanding and active startup community which as taken root in Madison. Many have begun to take note of Madison’s emerging role as the startup capital of the Midwest.

Forbes declared Madison the 7th most innovative city in the country, ReadWriteWeb recognized Madison as a technology startup hub in its Never Mind the Valley Series, and TechCrunch declared Madison the Land of Beer, Cheese, and… Startups. Over the course of 2010, Madison startups raised over $62 million in funding. This funding was led by Virent, Shoutlet, Networked Insights, and PerBlue. Madison startups hired 73 full time employees this year, and now employ over 250 people.

Capital Entrepreneurs organized and hosted the first annual Forward Technology Conference. With a vision to be the SXSW of the Midwest, the inaugural Forward Technology Conference proved to be very successful, attracted an overflowing audience, and will definitely be back and better than ever next year. Capital Entrepreneurs also played a key role in organizing Madison’s official application for Google Fiber. The entire city got behind the Google Fiber effort, and the “MadFiber Cabal” (made up of CE members) was at the organizational forefront. There was even a custom MadFiber ice cream flavor created by Babock Dairy.

Capital Entrepreneurs companies had a very successful year overall. There are now over 60 CE member companies, up from 10 when the group formed in mid 2009. Throughout the year, companies received a lot of attention and were featured in the New York Times, TechCrunch, Mashable, Forbes, VentureBeat, ReadWriteWeb, numerous local publications, and many more.

Madison welcomed its first hackerspace with the opening of Sector 67. Asthmapolis won the Twilio and Union Square Ventures contest. PerBlue’s Parallel Kingdom launched its newest version, the Age of Thrones, and now has over 275,000 players worldwide. Entrustet was selected as one of only 25 startups from around the world to participate in Startup Chile. Hardin Design and Development’s apps were featured on Apple commercials and received numerous awards. Murfie launched its beta service to revolutionize the way you buy and sell music. Student SPILL expanded to an additional 10 college campuses. BrazenCareerist opened a new office in Washington, DC. UlluTek pitched at the WI Early Stage Symposium. HealthFinch and GoBuzz were selected to pitch for Paul Graham’s Y Combinator. And Flatt Cola helped all of us achieve everyday world domination.

All in all, 2010 was a great year for Madison startups. Based on the momentum of this year, 2011 will prove to be a very exciting time for the Madison startup scene. So if you’ve got that entrepreneurial itch and are thinking of doing a startup, Madison is a great place to do it. Be sure to keep an eye on the CE website for the latest updates from Madison startups.

Contributed by Forrest Woolworth of PerBlue.

Capital Entrepreneurs Featured in Madison Magazine

Capital Entrepreneurs was featured in an article in Madison Magazine on expanding the number of urban high-tech business downtown and in the Capitol East District. CE members Nate Lustig of Entrustet and Heidi Allstop of Student SPILL were also featured in the article. From the article:

“A lot of the people in high-tech and creative industries really want urban settings,” says Cieslewicz. “With the Capitol East District we can offer them what they want, so they’ll develop all their amazing entrepreneurial ideas here rather than in Palo Alto or Ann Arbor or Boston.”

And what they want, according to Cieslewicz and others working hard to bring Capitol East to life, is to be where it’s all happening, both at work and at play.

“All of the startups I’ve been talking to want to be located downtown, within walking distance of other startups,” says Nate Lustig. “It’s really important to us to have that cluster of high-tech new businesses sharing ideas, people and all kinds of resources.”

Madison Startup Shoutlet Closes $6m Series B Round

Madison social media marketing platform Shoutlet announced that they’ve raised $6m in series B funding led by American Family Insurance.  Shoutlet’s platform “gives brands and agencies the tools to create, manage, and measure their entire social media communications. Companies using Shoutlet’s platform are able to better design and implement highly targeted campaigns and ultimately improve the business impact of their social media communications.”

The $6m raised by Shoutlet shows the continued strength of Madison’s tech market and emerging startup potential.  Follow the Shoutlet blog to keep up to date with the Shoutlet team.

Entrustet Settling into Startup Chile

Capital Entrepreneurs member company Entrustet moved to Santiago, Chile for 6 months for Startup Chile.  Jesse and Nathan have been in Chile for almost two weeks now and have started to settle in.  Here’s a summary of their blog posts and press coverage since they’ve moved to Chile.

Wisconsin IT Startup Relocates to Chile, Celebrates Global Entrepreneurship Week

This week is global entrepreneurship week and Chile is celebrating. The Chilean Government wants to be the startup and innovation hub of South America and believes that it needs to inspire Chileans to take risks and start businesses. We attended an event in front of La Moneda yesterday called Chilean Entrepreneurship Day, which featured successful Chilean entrepreneurs, government officials and many Chilean students. It’s great to see a government that’s getting behind entrepreneurship and innovation and actually doing something. All governments say they want to foster innovation, but Chile is actually doing it. We’ll keep you updated on the Chilean startup scene, Start-Up Chile and other interesting things we find from Chile in our series here on WTN.

First Impressions from Santiago

Eastern Santiago very developed and clearly first world.  If it weren’t for everyone speaking Spanish, I could be in any other mid to large city in the US or Europe.  The center, where our office is located, is a little older and really busy, but still nice.  There’s people everywhere during the day.  It’s filled with shops, restaurants and businesses.  We’re not sure what it’s like at night, but people have told us it can get rough downtown.  There’s got to be at least 6-7 universities headlined by Universidad Católica and Universidad de Chile, so there’s lots of young people seemingly everywhere.

Digital Firm takes Chilean Detour

Now the two Madison entrepreneurs are on their way to Santiago, Chile, where they will spend six months running their two-year-old digital estate planning services company. Entrustet, which operates in the emerging “digital afterlife” industry, is among 25 companies from around the world that are receiving a $40,000 grant and free office space in Santiago in exchange for temporarily locating their business there.

“We think entrepreneurship and starting your own business is an adventure in itself, so why not keep the adventure going and go somewhere else?” said Lustig, 25.

Punishing Failure and the Ramifications on Entrepreneurship

On just the first day here in Santiago, Chile, I had a very interesting conversation with a thoughtful Chilean businessman about the cultural difference between the U.S. and Chile regarding the punishment of failure. He explained to me that the biggest impediment for entrepreneurs in Chile is the fact that Chilean culture harshly punishes failure in general. All the other Chileans in the room concurred.

As I spoke more with this Chilean businessman, it became truly apparent how debilitating it would be for entrepreneurs to grow up in a society that punishes failure. And it makes perfect sense, right? I mean, If I had my family and friends looking over my shoulder constantly and warning me not to fail, I would never have started Entrustet. I would never even have set up the food stand outside the Newton Little League field when I was fifteen.

Badger Trips Selected as Finalist at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards

Capital Entrepreneurs member Badger Trips has been selected as a finalist at the Global Student Entrepreneur Awards held at the Kauffman Foundation in Kansas City.   Badger Trips is one of 33 finalists selected from more than 1,500 competitors and is in the running for $150,000 in cash and services.  Badger Trips provides students a TrueFan experience by organizing transportation, luxurious hospitality, premier tailgate and post-game parties for away sporting events.  More information on the competition is available here.

Defrag Conference – Day 1 Recap

Defrag Conference 2010 is taking place this week in Denver, CO and Capital Entrepreneurs is attending.  The Kaufmann Foundation sponsored 25 young entrepreneurs to come to the conference and four Capital Entrepreneurs members were lucky recipients: Steve Faulkner of Real Time Txts, Dan Gordon and Mike Fenchel of Momenta Technologies, and Heidi Allstop of Student SPILL.

Here are some highlights of day 1:

  • Alex Wright, Director of UX for the New York Times, gave a fantastic opening talk about the history of social networks.  Take away message: Social networks have been around forever, the medium has just changed, not the behavior or the motivation.
  • Blekko is here demoing their new search engine.  All of us were skeptical, but after the CEO gave us a personal demo we were singing a different tune.  If the use of slashtags really takes off, Blekko could be a much better way to search the web.  Google is getting gamed by content farms and spammers and there has to be a solution.  Blekko may be it.
  • Vivek Wadhwa literally ranted and raved for 45 minutes on the sad state of innovation in the US and most other countries.  The talk was very polarizing and there were mixed reactions from the crowd.  He did applaud the Startup Chile program which Capital Entrepreneurs members Nate Lustig and Jesse Davis of Entrustet just started this week!
  • Jeff Ma, the inspiration for the movie “21”, gave the final keynote.  Great talk, great story.  Black jack is completely data driven so the information was very appropriate.  Also, he did not get beat up like in the movie… or so he claims.

Overall, the conference has been awesome so far.  We have all met some amazing people and are thrilled that Kaufmann allowed us to attend.  We will be posting tomorrow to recap Day 2.

Student Spill Featured in New York Times and ReadWriteWeb

Capital Entrepreneurs member Student Spill was featured in an article on ReadWriteWeb which was picked up by the New York Times.  Student Spill is a service used by universities to aid students in dealing with personal problems.  Students can anonymously submit descriptions of their personal problems and receive responses within 24 hours from trained student supporters.  Student Spill has now expanded to 10 campuses across the country.  From the article:

“Fifteen to twenty percent of students feel comfortable enough with a counselor to seek out that kind of help,” Allstop says. “Schools are getting all their data from that small group. 82% of Spill’s users indicated embarrassment or fear as the number one factor that had prevented them from utilizing campus counseling facilities in the past.” Allstop argues that her service is a non-threatening way to gather more representative data about actual student concerns, while also providing direct support to students in distress.

Entrustet Selected for Startup Chile

Capital Entrepreneurs member company Entrustet was selected to be a part of Startup Chile.  Startup Chile is a program started by the Chilean Government to bring 25 startups from around the world to Chile to help foster entrepreneurship.

Entrustet’s founders, Nathan Lustig and Jesse Davis, will be moving to Santiago November 15th to continue to run Entrustet.  As part of Startup Chile, the Entrustet team will receive a $40,000 subsidy, free office space and connections into the Chilean entrepreneurship community.

The CE blog will post updates from Lustig and Davis as they run their business from Santiago.  We’ll also try to foster some ties between Madison and Santiago, which we believe are quite similar.  Both cities are up and coming startup hubs and we believe we can learn from each other.  Watch this space for continued updates.

PerBlue Launches 4th Age for Mobile Game Parallel Kingdom

Forrest Woolworth of PerBlue emailed me today to let me know that they just launched their third age of their popular mobile game Parallel Kingdom.  Parallel Kingdom is a mobile, location based, MMORPG, or Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game.  PerBlue recently closed an $800,000 funding round and has been using the money to continue to grow their flagship game, Parallel Kingdom.

Launched in October 2008, Parallel Kingdom now has over 250,000 users from around the globe.  PK is one of the first games that allows users to interact in a game and in the real world at the same time.

The fourth age, called Age of Thrones, adds the new Kingdoms feature.  “Since Parallel Kingdom’s conception two years ago, we knew we wanted to let players build entire Kingdoms,” PerBlue CEO Justin Beck said. “We took our time to make sure it was done right. In my opinion, Kingdoms are the deepest and most social feature of their kind in any mobile game.”

Kingdoms will allow small and large groups to officially organize. Players work together to build and run their Kingdom by strategically allocating resources, managing diplomatic relationships, and of course, waging war. All Kingdoms will be ranked globally on their war victories as well as their overall influence.

Parallel Kingdom is available for free on the iPhone and Android.  PerBlue generates revenue by selling their virtual currency, Food, which allows users to acquire new weapons, abilities and powers.

UlluTek Selected for Early Stage Symposium

Capital Entrepreneurs member UlluTek was selected to present at the Early Stage Symposium next week in Madison.  From the UlluTek website:

It’s official. UlluTek is presenting at 2010 Wisconsin Early Stage Symposium. There are 42 early-stage companies in two tracks: WAN Track for companies seeking angel investment and beyond and Elevator Pitch Olympics for companies seeking seed funding. UlluTek will be in the WAN track with 19 other companies.

Real Time Txts to be Featured on This Week in Startups

Capital Entrepreneurs member Steve Faulkner will be featured on This Week in Startups with Jason Calacanis in 15 minutes, at 3:30 central time. Check out This Week In Startups and watch live to see Steve in the Shark Tank pitching his new startup Real Time Txts.

Steve will be giving a 60 second pitch and then the host and audience will be giving him feedback.  Check it out if you can take a few minute break at 3:30.

Capital Entrepreneurs Redux

As you can see, we’ve launched a new site design. The new design isn’t the only thing changing; Capital Entrepreneurs is looking to better serve and better represent Entrepreneurs in the midwest.

You should see more articles, more opinion, and more analysis of what’s what in Madison and the surrounding area. Locally, Capital Entrepreneurs is a great networking group for startups and we highly suggest you join. You’ll meet other interesting people, make worthwhile connections, and gain valuable resources.

We want to hear your feedback about the new design and about all the articles we post. Thanks for reading!

Madison Startup Asthmapolis Wins Twilio and Union Square Ventures Contest

Capital Entrepreneurs member Greg Tracy’s new startup Asthmapolis took first prize in Twilio and Union Square Ventures’ contest to create the best app on Twilio.  They beat out 50 other startups with “a terrifically broad range of applications, from fun simple hacks to ambitious projects,” writes Albert Wenger of Union Square Ventures.

The Asthmapolis team, made up of veteran entrepreneurs Tracy, David Van Sickle, and Mark Gehring, hope to help asthma patients and their doctors learn more about when and where asthma patients use their inhalers.  There are two main parts to the Asthmapolis system.  The first part is the Spiroscout, “a device that uses GPS to determine the time and location when an inhaler is used, and then stores or sends that information to a remote server.”  When an asthma patient uses their inhaler, the Spiroscout system logs the time, place and stores it for later use.

The second part is the mobile dairy.  By using mobile diary, “you can map and track asthma symptoms, triggers, and your use of rescue and controller medications, and other important events from any phone with a web browser,” write the founders on the Asthmapolis website.  Users can also choose to receive text messages about location, missed doses and other interesting information that might help them manage their asthma.

The Asthmapolis team added additional functionality with Twilio for the contest so that Asthmapolis users without smart phones can now report about their inhaler uses.  Union Square Ventures seemed most excited about the SMS capabilities because so much of the world does not have smart phones.  Adding SMS allows the Asthmapolis team to enter into a much larger market.

As more users adopt the system, Asthmapolis will be able to gather huge amounts of data about where, when and how patients are using their inhalers.  “From a business perspective, that offers an important long-term defensibility,” writes USV’s Wegner. “We’re looking forward to meeting with Greg and David from Asthmapolis in New York.”

“The Twilio platform is a perfect fit for us as we expand our mobile interfaces,” writes cofounder Greg Tracy, “The fact that the Union Square Ventures team is recognizing our platform is great validation and we’re looking forward to spending some time with them in New York.”

It’s great to see a startup that mixes the web with medical devices coming out of Madison.  Madison startups are starting to get national recognition, which can only be good for the Madison startup ecosystem as a whole.  You can follow the Asthmapolis team’s progress on Twitter or on their blog.

What is Asthmapolis? from Asthmapolis on Vimeo.

Follow Up: Sector 67 Grand Opening

Last Friday was the grand opening of the Sector 67 hacker space in Madison.  There were many members of Capital Entrepreneurs in attendance.  Personally, I thought the event was fantastic. Great to see so many people out supporting this awesome new space in Madison. Check out their website for more information on upcoming events, otherwise see below for some embedded photos and video from the grand opening.

15 gallons of Spotted Cow and 3.5 gallons of root beer consumed. . . #S67less than a minute ago via web

Real Time Txts Launches in Madison

Real Time Txts, a new business by Capital Entrepreneurs members Steve Faulkner and Tyler Stubbe launched last night.  Real Time Txts sends you text messages for free drinks at selected bars in Madison.  It’s sort of a like Groupon, but texted to your phone and for now, it’s just for bars.  You can sign up on the Real Time Txts website by giving them your phone number.  On days where there is a deal, you get a text a few hours before the free drink special is going to start, with location and time.  When you get to the bar, you show the text on your phone and the bartender gives you a free drink.

“Real Time Txts is a text message list that sends you awesome, amazing, exclusive bar deals weekly,” cofounder Steve Faulkner tells me.  “The service is free and always will be and we plan to send you a text once per week with an exclusive bar deal just for you.”

I tried it out this week and it worked really well.  I signed up on Monday and got my first text last night at about 730pm.  Whiskey River Saloon, one of the newer bars on State Street, was offering a free drink to anyone with the text from 9-10pm.  A few of my friends and I walked down to Whiskey River, showed our phones and got our free drink.  You could choose between beer or a few different types of liquor drinks.  There was a good crowd and many of the other people in the bar were very interested in why people were showing their phones to the bartenders.  I got a free Captain and Coke and had a great time.

Faulkner and Stubbe plan to expand to more bars in Madison in the very near future.  Based on the reaction I saw at Whiskey River and on social media sites, I think Real Time Txts has a really good chance of taking off.  I overheard two people at Whiskey River last night who were on the Real Time Txts list, but were not sure it was legit, so they didn’t tell their friends yet.  Once they got their free drink, they said they would tell everyone.  I expect to see rapid growth over the next semester, as more University of Wisconsin students find out about the service from their friends.

There are a bunch of new services that have launched in the wake of Groupon, but I think Real Time Txts has hit onto an interesting new twist on the model.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Sector 67 Hackerspace Grand Opening This Friday

Capital Entrepreneurs member Chris Meyer emailed me today to share that Sector 67 is hosting the grand opening this Friday.  Sector 67 is Madison’s first hackerspace, which is a shared space “dedicated to providing members the opportunity to work on tomorrow’s technology; to build, collaborate, learn, and teach about next generation devices.” Hackerspaces have been sprouting up all over the world and are a staple of a community committed to innovation and technology.

“The goal is to create a space where anyone interested in making things can come and hack away,” Meyer tells me.  “Whether you’re an Artist, Engineer, Programmer, Tinkerer, Hobbiest, Maker, Hacker or anyone who likes to create things, Sector 67 is the place for you to work with other like minded people.”

Sector 67 is a big addition to the Madison tech community.  “Sector 67’s support infrastructure is important because it fosters creation and growth of high tech companies.  Perhaps more important than the facility itself is the contribution Sector 67 will make toward strengthening the culture of entrepreneurship in our community,” says Allen Dines of the University of Wisconsin’s Office of Corporate Relations has been working to support Meyer’s Sector 67 effort.

Meyer has been working extremely hard for over a year to make Sector 67 a reality and I’m excited to attend his grand opening on Friday.  I’ve gotten to know him over the past two years and it’s been great to hear weekly updates along the way.  You can check out some of Meyer’s previous work in the Burrill Business Plan Competition last year and the Governor’s Business Plan Competition from earlier this year as well.  I’m excited to attend and will take some pictures and include an update over the weekend.

Sector 67 is a much needed addition to the Madison tech startup scene and will hopefully help foster the next generation of entrepreneurs in Madison.  It has broad based support from the community and the University of Wisconsin and will be a great resource for entrepreneurs in Madison.  “Getting this facility up and running is huge.  When it succeeds, watch the creativity follow,” writes the City of Madison’s Michael Gay.

If you’re interested in checking out Sector 67, the Grand Opening is open to the public:

When: Friday, October 15th 5-10
Where: 2100 Winnebago St
Blog: http://www.sector67.org/blog/

Entrustet Featured on Mashable

Capital Entrepreneurs member Entrustet was featured on Mashable in an article titled 7 Resources for Handling Digital Life After Death by Erica Swallow.  From the link:

Entrustet is a free service that enables an account holder to pass on digital assets to up to 10 designated heirs and one executor, who is in charge of executing a person’s digital wishes after they pass away. Digital assets include social networks, financial accounts, blogs, e-mails and other Internet properties or files.

Check out the video above where Rocketboom Tech’s Ellie Rountree interviews Jesse Davis, co-founder of Entrustet about how the service works and why it is important.