Parallel Kingdom Featured in HTC Source

Capital Entrepreneurs member PerBlue had their flagship product Parallel Kingdom featured in HTC Source.  From the article:

…the first release of the app had me hooked from day one.  I would find myself waking through the skyways in Minneapolis on my lunch breaks just so I could discover new areas on the map so I could kill more creates and build up my stash of gold.

The latest release of the game (Parallel Kingdom – Age of Emergence) was launched in late November.  Once I reinstalled the game, I quickly realized that it was a whole new world I was walking into.  It has been over six months since I played the game.  I had to uninstall it since my wife would yell at me every time I pulled out my phone to kill a few trolls or dragons.  Age of Emergence has quite a bit to offer.  I was planning on writing up a quick review on it a few weeks back, but found out that I would need some extra time to delve into all the new features that it includes.

The real fun comes in with the addition of Cities.  Players can now team up to build a city which adds a whole new element to the game.  Once you join a city (costs 1000 Gold) you will be able to travel to it wherever you like and can trade your items in the Trading Post.  You will also get your own personal Oil Well which will collect Oil for you even while you are not playing.  Oil can then be sold, traded, or dropped for Gold so you can purchase new items from other players or upgrade your weapons.

…I’m hoping that this is enough info to get you started on your Parallel Kingdom adventure.   The game has a lot more to offer than what I’ve covered and it truly is one of the most addicting and immersive games for the Android platform.  I find myself logging in 2-3 times a day to collect my Oil, harvest Berries, and hunt Dragons. I should also mention that Parallel Kingdom is also available on the iPhone.  So don’t be surprised to find a fair number of iPhone freaks in the chat rooms and trading posts of Parallel Kingdom.

Entrustet Launches Informational Site

Capital Entrepreneurs member company Entrustet launched its premotional site today.  From the site:

Entrustet is a secure, organizational tool that brings together people like you, estate planning lawyers and the companies that provide online accounts and memberships. Entrustet allows users to maintain a secure portfolio of online assets, nominate heirs and manage asset distribution and deletion after their passing. Entrustet’s wide range of services allow you to organize and decide what happens to your digital assets, before your loved ones or your executor are faced with the unknowns and complexities of protecting your online legacy.

Parallel Kingdom Featured on Zmogo

Capital Entrepreneurs member company PerBlue was featured in a story on Zmogo to talk about PerBlue’s success creating a virtual economy in its game Parallel Kingdom.  From the article:

In its short history, the Parallel Kingdom franchise has pioneered several firsts: first real-time MMORPG for iPhone and Android, and the first location-based MMORPG on iPhone and Android. Now the developer, PerBlue, is continuing to take the game into new territory – a micro-transaction based mobile economy.

In the MMO genre, virtual economies are common and almost inevitable in some cases. In Parallel Kingdom, a de facto in-game economy naturally evolved when the developers first gave players the ability to drop items on the ground and transfer gold directly from player to player. This style of trading was unregulated and led to scamming in which players would drop items on the ground for trade only to be picked up by the other player who sometimes never sent any gold. Even with these limitations, a very active economy flourished in the game.

 In the new version, a consummable resource called “Food” is required for some features. Every new player starts with some for free, and they can get more by purchasing it in the game or trading with other players. This allows players to acquire more of this resource without having to pay money if they don’t want to.

 In addition, trade posts and cities have been introduced. These allow players to trade with each other safely and securely. Players put items up for sale and other players visiting the city can browse and buy anything they come across. This has led to many players making careers in the game solely as traders, visiting trade posts, scouting out good deals and selling in another city.

Interview with Wisconsin Relic Founder

Bryon Shannon was interviewed here about his experience starting Wisconsin Relic as a student at the University of Wisconsin.  Here’s an excerpt, click through to the full interview here:

Bryon Shannon is the founder of Wisconsin Relic, an apparel company that he started in January 2009.  Bryon graduated with a degree in Management and Real Estate from the University of Wisconsin’s business school and started Wisconsin Relic while he was still a student.  He describes Wisconsin Relic as:

Wisconsin Relic is an apparel company that I started in January 2009.  It is a creative, colorful brand centered on shirt slogans that resonate with young people in Wisconsin. We sell clothing on our website,, as well as through stores such as the University Bookstore in Madison and Milwaukee.  Wisconsin Relic is a lifestyle brand providing premium quality apparel that celebrates the Midwest and its young pioneers.  We sell vintage, organic and Wisconsin Relic original tees at numerous outlets, as well as on

City Dictionary Launches in 80 Markets

Member company City Dictionary has partnered with Broadcast Interactive Media to launch its service in 80 news markets around the country.  From City Dictionary’s press release:

Broadcast Interactive Media (BIM) today unveiled a new partnership between Social Media Platform, YouNews™ and hyper-local content provider City Dictionary ( The two Madison, WI-based companies have combined forces to provide users of the nearly 80 YouNews affiliates across the U.S. an opportunity to experience and contribute to a growing localized dictionary of community terms, slang, “isms” and definitions.

City Dictionary, launched in May 2008, showcases the personality of individual cities through eccentricities of language and culture. The site relies on input from registered users, or “citizens” who contribute words or phrases and share information about attractions, events, restaurants, people and more. Case in point: a Milwaukee drinking fountain is called a “bubbler” and “slugging” in DC is a form of hitchhiking that allows commuters to use the faster HOV lane. Information and little-known facts abound on City Dictionary, which earned the top prize in the 2009 G. Steven Burrill Business Plan Competition.

“We’re capturing the local subtleties of American cities that other resources might be missing,” says Thomas Carmona, co-founder of City Dictionary. “The goal is to engage contributors from around the country and collect as many terms as possible — places, businesses, neighborhoods and slang — that become part of ‘everyday speak’ for various places.”

YouNewsâ„¢ – a social media platform where members of the community upload videos/photos to local media websites – now includes a City Dictionary channel with options to view existing content, add a word, add a definition and more. For example, visitors to in Houston, TX may navigate to the YouNews section of the site to learn the origin of the area’s many nicknames including: Space City, Bayou City, H-Town and Clutch City. If a favorite is missing, a new moniker can be added to the Houston Dictionary.

Networked Insights Featured In Business Watch

Member company Networked Insights was featured in Business Watch Magazine and includes a Q&A with founder Dan Neely.  From the article:

Perched high above downtown Madison, Networked Insights, mines 3.5 million conversations a day, totaling over 1 billion annually. Using proprietary software, CEO and founder Dan Neely and his staff are monitoring our online social lives and using what we read, rate, share, link to and write to help businesses make informed decisions on who and what we like … the signal in the massive amount of e-noise. Neely, a native of Liverpool, England, talks with BusinessWatch about how Networked Insights (NI) began, Measuring the Social and how we are all content creators, whether we like it or not.

Wecome GuruCampus

Capital Entrepreneurs welcomes new member company GuruCapus.  From their website:

GuruCampus was founded by college seniors to highlight the events, ideas, trends, and students that shape campus culture. We give students a national voice in the fields of current events, entertainment, humor, sports, music, politics, and research. By covering these topics, our goal is to encourage a discussion that connects students across campuses.